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Man with Braids

history, lyrics, knowledge.

Critical [radical] Healing through the arts and culture

ABOUT heartbase

heARTbase is a group of practitioners who are interested in non-traditional, anti-colonial, and political methods to critical healing in Black youth's lives in relation to radical self-care. We use Healing Centered Engagement (HCE), an innovative strength-based paradigm that promotes a community view of healing and re-centers culture as a key factor in overall well-being. This is a way of [re]connecting with an engaged heart and creating a safe space for healing to happen.


meet the team

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ken williams

Is a social worker, educator, a creative and program developer. I am interested in how forms of radical healing intersects with Black cultural production. Hip Hop, Jazz, and Soul is the pulse of his heartbeat.

freda bizimana

Is a social work student and works directly with young people living on the margins of society. Freda is a singer, songwriter and spoken word artist by night. Music is her true therapy.

precious myers

is a social worker and youth worker. She is the co-founder of Project Next of Kin a project that works directly with families in need. Hip Hop music has been an integral part in her life



project heartbeat

Beginning Spring  2021

In collaboration with the



Eight sessions utilizing Hip-Hop as a tool of engagement and healing. For Black and racialize youth. 

ABR Workshop

Utilizing Art, Music and Culture to explore a A-BR

To challenge assumptions and knowledges learned over time about race and culture, and critically reflect in order to unlearn and relearn. Also, to create a space where difficult conversations can lead to better understandings of our collective history on race and culture. Utilizing art, music and culture as a method of learning and unlearning.

AOP & power dynamics

Explore historical context, power, AOP, bias, privilege, politics etc.

Delve deeper into the social and historical constructs of race, power relations, how to be an anti-racist, the concept of Anti-oppression and implicit and explicit biases utilizing art, music and culture as a method of learning and unlearning.

the beat goes on

Popular Black Music as Therapy

Tapping into music that connect to the soul. These sessions are opened to adults ages 19 and above where we discuss music and share stories on how music has played a role in the multitude of emotions we experience. We utilize Black popular music such as Jazz, Soul, Blues, R&B, Funk, Disco and Hip-Hop; and having conversations on how music is a healing force.

Tropical Leaves

"How does it feel to be a problem?"


w.e.b. du bois